Coveo 4 to Coveo 5 Upgrade and Missing Analytics

Screenshot of missing analytics request

Did your Coveo for Sitecore Analytics stop working after your upgrade to Coveo 5? I recently had did a Coveo upgrade. I was surprised that after the upgrade, the Coveo search pages still worked, but no analytics data was being sent to Coveo. I was missing the analytics post request that would normally accompany a query made on a Coveo page.

Was I missing a new component? Did I miss a step in the Coveo upgrade installation instructions?

It turns out that the "analyticsUri", to which is the location where the analytics data is sent, was incorrect. This configuration is found here:

This file exists in older versions of Coveo Hive, and the Coveo 5 installation process did not update it.

The old endpoint is:

The correct endpoint should be:

Making this simple change fixed the analytic tracking on my Coveo 5.0 pages.

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